Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist
Happy Spring! I’m sure you all are feeling it too, the need to declutter that Winter stuff and start your Spring Cleaning! I have created this simple Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist that will help you get on the right track. Are you ready?

Break it down each day of the week

Getting organized and deep cleaning can really be overwhelming when you look around and see all that needs to be done. However, when you break it down and do a little everyday of the week you will start to get into a groove that you can maintain longterm. Be easy on yourself, this won’t happen overnight, it’s a process. The sooner you start, the sooner you will get finished. I have found it to be easiest when I assign each day of the week to a different area of the house. For example: Mondays-Kitchen, Tuesdays-Living Room, etc. Here is my exact detailed plan below.

The Plan- Spring Cleaning Checklist

order Lyrica online usa Monday:Kitchen
__Wipe & organize countertops
__Clean out fridge, discard old food & wipe down all shelves
__Wipe down walls & cabinets
__Clean Microwave, stove & oven
__Wash windows
__Reorganize pantry-put things back that are out of place
__Sweep & mop

my company Tuesday:Living Room
__Dust everything
__Declutter- sort and put back anything that doesn’t belong
__Wash windows & blinds
__Wipe down walls & doors (including front door)
__Vacuum out furniture
__Vacuum or clean floor

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__Dust furniture & decor
__Remove & Launder bedding
__Put away any clothes or shoes left out
__Organize closet- change out seasonal clothes
__Wash windows & blinds
__Empty waste bins
__Vacuum or sweep & mop

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__Wipe mirrors, sink & counters
__Gather laundry & towels to be washed and replace
__Stock toiletries
__Deep clean toilet & shower/tub
__Empty waste bins
__Sweep & mop

Friday: Organize & Catch-up
__Use this day to complete anything you weren’t able to finish this week
__Organize a hot spot with a 15 minute timer
__Organize mail
__Refresh decor
__Drop off a load to charity
__Organize your Linen Closet

Daily Tasks
__Do the dishes & put away
__Wipe down counters after use
__Make bed
__Vacuum or run the Roomba
__Load or 2 of Laundry

Everyday is a fresh start

Print this out and stick to it for a week and see how it works for you. Everyday is a fresh start and if you miss a day or 2 don’t quit! Just get it done the next week. I operate best when using checklists so this Spring Cleaning Checklist is something that has been a total game changer in our home. Hope it works for you too!

The Perfect Cleaning Caddy

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Spring Cleaning CaddySpring Cleaning Caddy

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